NameFlavour, odour and use
Asafoetida (Asafetida)Often used in Indian cuisine, this is used as a garlicky flavour. Also good for low-FODMAP diet. Strong smell that mellows out into a garlicky-oniony flavour.
Achiote Paste and PowderReddish-brown paste or powder ground from annatto seeds, with earthy flavour. Often used in Mexican food.
AllspiceLike clove, pungent, deeply flavored. Used in spice mixes.
Annatto SeedsTough reddish-brown seed, woodsy scent, earthy flavor. Achiote Paste when ground.
Bay Leaf (Indian Bay Leaf)Woodsy backdrop in soups and sauces.
Carraway SeedThese anise-like seeds are used for soda bread, sauerkraut, and potato salad.
CardamomWidely used in Indian cuisine for its warm, aromatic qualities. Used in baking with clove and cinnamon.
Cayenne PepperDried and ground red chilii peppers - used for sweet heat in soups, braises, and spice mixes.
Chia SeedsFlavourless, ground into smoothies, cereals, and baked goods for extra nutrition and texture, or even used as a vegan egg substitute for its use as a binder.
Cinnamon (Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon)Cinnamon is a spice in sweet and savoury dishes.
ClovesSweet and warming spice, used in baking and meat.
Coriander SeedEarthy, lemon taste, commonly used in Mexican and Indian cuisine.
CuminSmoky, earthy, popular in Southwestern U.S., Mexican, North African, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisines.
Fennel SeedLight, sweet, licorice flavour. Used in meat dishes, and chewed on its own as a breath freshener and digestion aid.
FenugreekBitter, burnt-sugar flavour often found in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes.
Garlic PowderGarlic powder is ground deydrated garlic, and offers sweeter, softer garlic tones.
GingerGround ginger is made from dehydrated fresh ginger and has a spicy, zesty bite.
GochugaruThis Korean red pepper spice is hot, sweet, and slightly smokey.
Grains of ParadiseA cross between cardamom, citrus, and black pepper, adds warming notes to North African dishes.
Kaffir Lime LeavesAdded to curry for flavour in many Thai dishes. Fresh, dry, or frozen.
Loomi (Black Lime)Ground from dried limes to add sourness to Middle Eastern dishes.
MaceLike nutmeg, but more subtle and delicate. Used in savoury dishes like stews.
MahlabGround from sour cherry pits, nutty and sour flavor. Used in sweet breads in the Middle East.
NutmegSweet, warming and pungent, often found in baking.
Nutritional YeastNutty, cheesy, savoury flavor often used in place of cheeses.
OreganoStrong, lemony flavor, found often in Mexican and Mediterranean cooking.
PaprikaSweet and red, used in stews and spice blends. The spicy version is called hot paprika.
PeppercornsPeppercorns can be black, white, pink, and green, with a pungent flavour and mild heat.
RosemaryStrong, piney flavour, goes well with beans, eggs, potatoes, meats.
SaffronFloral, bright yellow, expensive as it is hand-picked and processed.
SagePine flavours - lemony, eucalptus, popular in nothern Italian food.
Smoked PaprikaSweet, smokey, red
Star AniseSweet licorice flavours for sauces and soups.
SumacZingy, lemony, a Middle Eastern spice used in marinades and spice rubs.
TurmericYellow, mild, woodsy, can be used instead of saffron in an emergency.
ThymePungent, woodsy, good all-rounder.
Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon (Cinnamon)Sweet and spicy, used in sweet baking and for depth in savoury dishes.