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Many of you on an anti-inflammatory diet are vegan, which is a great combination - most vegan diets are pretty much anti-inflammatory by nature, but that doesn't stop anyone from deep frying everything or relying heavily on white processed foods.

This section of the site sticks to a strict vegan diet plus adheres strictly to the OMS anti-inflammatory dietary principles. That is, very low saturated fat as well as anti-inflammatory. This diet is specific, so if you don't know what it is, read up on it and see if it's right for you.

Here at, we stick to anti-inflammatory principles generally anyway, simply because we can't help ourselves - we're naturopaths, love food, and believe wholeheartedly that good food shouldn't be poisonous.

The OMS diet

The OMS diet was developed by Professor Jelinek for those overcoming multiple sclerosis, but the principles apply to anyone who needs an anti-inflammatory diet due to inflammatory autoimmune disease - that's lots of us out here.

The diet excludes some specifics that may present some issues for vegans, including no coconut - a common sweetener and all-round delicious food item - due to it's high saturated fat content. There is some debate regarding the healthfulness of coconut fats, but Professor Jelinek says "why risk it?" so until further notice, we'll stick with that too.

This diet is restrictive on saturated fats, so over time we'll add in the saturated fat content where possible, but you will need to be the boss of that for now.

Overcoming MS website

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