ArtichokesVegan | Low-FODMAP | Gluten-Free | OMS-Friendly


  • Steaming basket and large pot
  • Artichokes (how many you need depends on how many you want to eat and that will fit in the steaming basket at once)


  1. Put your steaming basket in a large pot full of water until the water and the basket almost touch.
  2. Add your prepared artichokes into the basket, and cover with the lid. (Learn how to prepare artichokes here)
  3. Boil and steam the artichokes until the petals come out easily when gently pulled (about 30 minutes)

How to eat steamed artichokes

Pull off the outermost petals (non-edible as a whole), to get access to the base of the petal, where you get the ‘meat’ of the artichoke petal. You can dip the base into some sauce, for example aioli or olive oil and salt. When you eat it, pull the meat out with your teeth and into your mouthy.

Once all the petals are gone, and you’ve got to the heart, get rid of the furry choke with a spoon, and eat your (the) heart out.