Welcome to Pesco-Vegan.com! 

Here you will find a variety of recipes for all of your pesco-vegan eating, including seafood and vegan, but catering to those of you suffering a lack of recipes on low-FODMAP, gluten-free, and anti-inflammatory (OMS) diets.

What we do and how we do it

Use of the word 'vegan'     

We are using vegan in the adjective form; that is, to describe a food item or recipe. We do not claim to subscribe in any way to the vegan philosophy or lifestyle - that is, the use of the word vegan as a noun. Read more about our choice of name here. 

We don't do meat or milk, but we do sometimes do eggs and honey. 

This site does not contain any recipes with mammal meat or milk, but may contain recipes with egg, egg white, egg substitutes, or honey. Vegan recipes are strictly vegan, while pesco-vegan may contain egg or honey - this is clearly labelled. Egg use is infrequent outside of egg-white-based recipes for those on the OMS diet for whom egg white is a source of protein.